How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Niche That Will Pay Off


Don’t start work on an affiliate marketing niche before you consider these important factors.

Factor Number One: Is the affiliate marketing niche saturated already? You can check this by googling your longtail keyword phrase (without quotes) and looking at the number of results. If google shows 20,000 results or less, you’ve discovered a niche with little competition; if google comes up with more than 80,000 results, you should forget about it. You want to find the niches that have not yet been flooded to the max. You’ll want to try all kinds of longtail keyword research to determine what those good niches are.

Factor Number Two: Are the offers available in that affiliate marketing niche converting well? You’ll want to work with your affiliate marketing manager on this one to determine what kind of offers are doing well and yet are affordable and for which you can get approved. Remember, you need to choose wisely so you will make back more than you’re putting out in promotion expenses.

Factor number Three: When calculating your expenses, make sure you think through what you’re willing to pay for domain name, web hosting, site development, and copywriting. It’s important that the numbers will work, but you need to make a long range expense plan since business does not pay off right away.

If you can’t find an affilate marketing niche you feel you can rank in, you may want to look for alternate ways (other than search engine ranking of your affiliate site) to get your offers attention. You may have more success by commenting on forums (and providing a link to your site), using direct mail and email campaigns, or attracting attention via polling sites.


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