Tips For Getting Good Ratings On Your eBay Seller Profile

Anyone who has ever sold anything on eBay understands how important it is to have a good seller rating. This remains the case for everyone who hopes to sell on eBay, no matter whether you are a regular person trying to unload some old stuff or a company trying to establish yourself. Frequent eBay shoppers will even make their purchasing decisions based on a seller’s rating if two products are similar. In fact, if you have a poor rating or no rating, a buyer might even spend more money so that they can get the product from a seller with a good rating!

Of course, the problem with this is that it can be difficult to get ratings on eBay if you are unable to sell due to the fact that you have no ratings! And it can be nearly impossible to sell if you have negative ratings from the first couple sales you have made.

How To Powersell On eBay!

Your early sales on eBay are very important; this is one of the first things you should realize. With some positive ratings early on, you will have a much easier time making sales later on. One of the first things you should do when selling on eBay is sell a few lower-priced items, even if you lose money on them! You will be able to make more money in the long run by doing this, as it will enable you to quickly sell a number of items.

When you ship these items, do so as promptly as possible, and make sure the items are protected from damage. You should also include a note to the buyer, in which you thank them for their business and remind them to rate their experience shopping with you; you will begin to accumulate positive ratings after just a few low-priced sales! Once you have these positive ratings, you can start to sell your higher-priced items, as shoppers will feel confident shopping with you. And of course, the longer you remain in business, the higher your rating will become as long as you continue to take good care of your customers!.

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